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Aluminum Gutter Installation

Seamless Aluminum Gutter Installation You Can Trust

Professional Aluminum Gutter Installation Contractors in Yorktown Heights, NY, and Surrounding Counties

At Exact Fit Seamless Gutters Of Westchester Inc., we have a team of aluminum gutter installation contractors who can help you finish the job on time. We are a local company serving residential and commercial customers in Yorktown Heights, NY, and the surrounding counties. We’ve been in business for over ten years and have built a reputation for providing high-quality workmanship and products at competitive prices.

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Why Should You Install Aluminum Gutters?

For almost thirty years, aluminum gutters have been widely used for their many advantages. While not as strong as stainless steel, they are still an excellent option for those seeking solid performance at a reasonable cost, provided they do not live in an area with high winds or flying debris.

One of the main advantages of aluminum gutters is their affordability, and they are also rust-resistant. Coated with a baked-on finish, they can last over twenty years and are available in various popular colors, can be painted to match more specific colors, and can be easily shaped. Additionally, they can be decorated with cast brackets similar to copper gutter systems. Aluminum gutters are seamless, custom-made on-site, and offer a surprising amount of strength despite their light weight.

When purchasing aluminum gutters, it is recommended to opt for gutters at least .032 inches in thickness and made of primary aluminum. Thinner gutters are less durable, and secondary aluminum made from recycled material often needs to be more consistent in thickness.

Aluminum seamless gutters are available in five or six-inch sizes, with the former being the most common. However, a six-inch gutter can accommodate more water before it overflows, but it needs to have the gutter board appropriately sized to accommodate it.

It’s important to note that while aluminum gutters do not rust, they can corrode if they come into direct contact with another metal due to electrolysis. Moreover, chemicals in some concrete, treated lumber, brick mortar, and stucco can cause corrosion. As such, aluminum gutters are usually coated or chemically treated to increase lifespan.

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We take pride in our work at Exact Fit Seamless Gutters Of Westchester Inc., We offer reliable aluminum gutter installation in Yorktown Heights, NY, and the surrounding counties. We can help you start your next project with a free estimate. If you’re looking for aluminum gutter installation contractors that offer a range of services at reasonable prices, contact us today!